Firewall per Ip and port settings

Suppose (CIS v3) that i have 2 mail providers, and that i want to allow dns and pop/smtp ports only for the peculiar ip of these providers, assuming these ip are not contiguous:
i have to write separate rules, as there’s no choice for a list of multiple single ip to be allowed.
This mail exemple can of course be transposed for whatever application.
Any way to correct this?

Suppose now that i am being prompted by the firewall for a given application, asking say for ip n on port x.
If i allow and remember the rule, the firewall creates a rule for port x for ALL ip, and not only for the concerned n one, keeping one from automatically writing the proper rule for the particular ip he wants to be allowed.
Again, any way to correct this and, more generally speaking, to be able to write the rule in “real time” from the alerting window, setting ip, protocol, ports, out or in… from that same window?

Hey brucine,

The first part has been doable for some time with Network Zones and Port Sets.

You can go in My Network Zones and Create and Name a Zone.
In that Zone you can list any disparate IP’s you like.

In My Port Sets you can do the same thing, Add a Port Set and Name it.
List the Ports you want.

Now when you make a Network or Application Control Rule.
You can refer to your Zones and Port Sets by name in the drop downs,
available when you click zone or port set, very slick.

The second part,
Are the remembered Rules not granular enough, with the Alert Frequency Level slider
set to very high and Firewall Security Level set to Custom?
And the box checked to “Create rules for safe applications”. (if you have one)

The very last part,
Editing rules from an alert window, very interesting indeed. :-TU :-TU


For ip restrictions, thanks, i didn’t think of that, it does the job (at least as long as there are not too many of such rules to enforce, otherwise, it would still be more tedious then to have in the application rules an item for, say, 2 ranges of ip).

Concerning ports, the rule was only at “high”, i moved it to “very high”, wait and see…
I don’t want Comodo to create rules for safe applications, as i want to decide myself what i think to be safe or not.

I had however no other choice then to set some applications at antivirus safe (e.g., if not, a bug makes it impossible to modify and save whatever local Microsoft Word file).