firewall only

Can i download the latest firewall only as a standalone exe? Link?

Do a custom install and if the av is still installed, then uninstall it in the add and remove components in the comodo folder (all programs). Should work.

i am not going to do that. if the firewall withoutbtheir sneaky install i will go somewhere else. a security program forcing garbage on people lolo

Hi markcusack,
No one is forcing you to install anything you don’t want.
Customizing Installation-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

Following may work for you.

"1) Download the Comodo 5.12 installation package. It’s no longer found on the official Comodo locations, but you can find it at Filehorse. The file size is 98,142,056 bytes. Big!

  1. Extract the MSI installer. 7-zip is the easiest way to do this, just install this excellent free, open source archiver and right click on the large installer you got in the 1st step. Extract the files and find cis_setup_x86.msi (for 32 bit systems) or cis_setup_x64.msi (for 64bit systems) there.

  2. Install Comodo from the MSI installer, unchecking the Antivirus option. DO NOT RESTART when the installation ends!"


This works for me.

thanks but not going to bother with that

i know about that. I do not see the point in downloading a huge file. they could have just a firewall if they did not want to try tricking people into installing the extras

AFAIK the unwanted features are de-selected in the custom installation.
The actual install then is clean, without any tricks or hidden surprises.

The firewall installer is honest without hidden tricks without adware or spyware such as secretly installing conduit, shopsafe, ask, url logging of browser habits, etc as seen in many other security vendors products. Once properly and custom installed, the firewall is without any hidden or secret surprises.