Firewall on or off?

Just installed Comodo Firewall Pro (
The Comodo tray icon displays that all systems are up and running, level is set to Custom and the icon shows traffic.
However, Windows Security Center reports under Firewall that the Comodo Firewall reports that Comodo is currentl turned off.
Windows own Firewall is turned off.

Question: Is Comodo Firewall on and working or not?

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

You may need to clear your repository, try the following thread:,2479.0.html


Thanks for the link, Anderow.

  1. With Windows not recognizing Comodo, do I currentlyt have a firewall protection from Comodo?
    (My version is

  2. In that link, Silverfox suggests to clear the repository by typing the following lines at the comand prompt for C::

net stop winmgmt
rd %systemroot%\system32\wbem\Repository
net start winmgmt

As a layman, do I just type in the three lines as they stand?

Try this link and look at panics attached zip file.,2479.msg19751.html#msg19751

Alternatively you could always tell security centre you will monitor firewall status yourself.