firewall not displayed in the windows security page


i’ve uninstalled the antivirus and now i dont see the firewall active in the windows firewall page.

the tray icon is present and i can open the program but windows 7 doesnt “see” it and so it activates the windows 7 firewall, so i unactivate the windows 7 firewall, the security is now in red color.
i dont know if comodo firewall is active or not.

i’ve checked with this page GRC | ShieldsUP! — Internet Vulnerability Profiling   if something is wrong.
and all seems to be ok so topic closed :smiley:

Hm, do you got any router? If so using that site doesn’t check anything, just if your router blocks incoming requests.
If you are directly connected, comodo might be working yet let us do some checks:

  • On Windows Action Center: Do you see the Windows firewall deactivated but COMODO Firewall active and up2date?
  • What version and which parts of COMODO did you install? Do you see any “at risk” warning?
  • You could enter the “Software install / - uninstall” Menu and “Repair” “COMODO Firewall/CIS/… (whatever you installed)”.
  • Anyway the best test to check if the firewall is working is to start an already blocked tool or define a blocked tool in firewall’s Application Rules and see if it can connect.