Firewall not Detect Adsl Router Internet Connection

Comodo Firewall does not show my Internet Connections and when I Block, Nothing happens.
my Adsl Router ip is set to and Pc local area connection is Firewall has detected as Network zone, but It doesn’t show or block the activity through this Ip.

There is one thing. I have set my router to PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) with username and password configured in the router.

When I change the connection type to bridging, the Firewall works fine and detects it, But I get some Remote Ip attacks with different Ips, I can not block. So I prefer Use PPPoE connection type.

I did some changes, resets and so… But nothing helped.
I don’t know what to do now and I feel very unsafe.
Please Help.

Hi aminomo,

Welcome to the forums!
Can you please post your CIS version and your OS details?

Thanks Ronny
I use Windows 7 32bit with latest CIS 5.12.256249

I Use CIS since 3 Years without problem. This problem has been found 3 days ago after I installed a Proxy software (Cyber Ghost).
it installs a Tapi win32 Driver. After it I got a system crash with Blue screen problem every time I tried to set Comodo firewall to “block all”.
Then I uninstalled Comodo, Cyber ghost, Router Driver and tapi driver and installed comodo and adsl router again.

Now I have the mentioned Problem.

I attached an screenshot as I was Downloading and Browsing. As You see Comodo shows no active connections.

Can you please verify if the ‘Comodo Internet Security Helper Service’ is attached to that specific network adapter? (properties)

Hi, Ronny. thanks for help.
no It is not. only Comodo internet security firewall Driver is attached.
but under Windows Services it is Active and comodo LPS Launcher too.

Sorry my bad, that was the one I was looking for. So that’s there.

I think it has to do with the PPPoE stuff, that has been a bug in the past. There have been more FW issues with 5.12, and therefor I have gone back to 5.10
I’m not sure if they will release an update for 5.12 anymore because v6 has been released

Oh my god, as You mention.
Days ago I updated to 5.12.
You mean the helper service should be in My Local area connection properties? and this is the problem? What would You suggest? Re install 5.10? What should I do now?

I would revert to 5.10 big chance that might fix the issue.

Hi ronny,

I installed CIS 6.0 just now.

The same problem. check the attached image. Comodo shows no connectivity.

have you any suggestion? should i install 5.10?

Not sure atm, can you try to go back to normal IP link instead of PPPoE?
I would use FW stealth ports wizard and set it to block incoming connections so you are not bothered by internet ‘noise’ traffic.