Firewall: new application, quickly allow communication only to certain IPs

Somethig like this may already been asked, sorry i can not find.

When new application connects internet, firewall ask me if i want to allow it and remember.

It shows destination IP. I want to allow and remember, but only in case it contacts that particular IP, and i assume i can not do it right in that “popup” firewall window.
Instead wasting time finding where and how to configure it in firewall manually. Enhancing firewall popup window with possibility of more detailed rule creating may help.

Change firewall alert frequency to very high.

thx, but that not helped. I have set the Alert frequency level to “Very high” in firewall configuration, and this is what i see:

No detailed per IP configuration/rule creation. Only per application rule.

Yes if you choose allow or block with remember my answer selected, it creates a rule for the application based on IP address and port number. But I think you want something like this that is already been requested. Comodo Forum

Exactly, thank you for explaining. I did as you suggested and indeed, each allow or deny which i do in a firewall prompt popup window creates separates IP targetted rules for the application:

IMPROVEMENT SUGGESTION: maybe can be good if an “Allow” button text is “Allow this IP connection” or “Allow connection to this IP” , so it do not leave a n00b like me in uncertainty what is going on.

“Allow connection to this IP and port”
“Block connection to this IP and port”