Firewall never logs any blocked packets.

I’ve been using your firewall for a long time and want to know if it is normal for the firewall to never block anything and log it.

I even set the firewall security level to “block all mode” to see if it would log anthing that tried to access the web, but it still doesn’t log anything as “blocked”. When the firewal is set to “block all” is the firewall supposed to log Everything that tries to connect to the internet? I have used Comodo for years on and off and always end up uninstalling it because I can’t confirm that’s it’s blocking rogue packets because it NEVER logs them.

I have firewall security level set to either custom level, or safe level.

By the way I am behind a router.

Alright I think I figured it out. I The firewall doesn’t log dropped packets by default. Strange. I had to go to Network security policy, global rules and edit the last rule to select the option Log as a firewal event if this rule is fired.

And now I noticed that the last rule was set to only block inbound packets, not both in/out.

Is this normal?