Firewall modes, add explanation

When i installed Comodo Internet Security first time i selected Firewall “Training mode” assuming training mode will ask me about each program (which action to do), but it silently allowed many programs connections.

So i think You should add some tooltip or other way allow user to quickly see how these modes differ so he can safely select proper mode.

Example modes:
Custom Ruleset
Training mode
Safe mode

You ca select by a single click and there i do not see any description in the application.

Please edit your post to be in the Required Wish Format thank you.

I do not understand that topic or how i need to edit.

You can read documentation by pressing “?” button. I’m guessing that they would have to change design for tooltips. Aesthetically speaking, it seems like a bad idea (paragraphs of text inside a balloon?).

I have not seen any “?” button that would easilly navigate me to the description. Instead of wasting time browing faq, would be good if there will be quick way to see targeted description of the functions.

i refer seeing explanation in two seconds than spending 2 minutes browsing some faq or googling.

Mentioned button is next to “Minimize”.