Firewall Log / VPN


I’ve just recently signed up for Comodo and I’ve been using the Firewall. I have been getting quite a few logs and I’ve pinpointed the culprit. I am using the NordVPN service (I have a dedicated IP), and it seems that something is being broadcast to my network (probably just checking to see if the connection is live). However, due to this happening Comodo is blocking ‘Windows Operating System’ via the Firewall rules.

Basically, the logs show the following inside the network intrusions:

Application: Windows Operating System
Action: Blocked
Direction: In
Protocol: UDP
Source IP:
Source Port: 0
Destination IP:
Destination Port: 0

I’ve attempted to add rules (Global Rule Set) to either circumvent this, or to stop logging it, but to no avail. I tried checking boxes to stop it from being logged, but that doesn’t seem to be working either. I disabled ARP spoofing just in case, but I’m still getting the events logged.

I’m relatively new to all this, but looking forward to learning more. If someone could provide me some assistance it would be greatly appreciated! Ideally, I’d like to fix this traffic from being blocked because it is legitimate traffic from the proxy and I assume it’s less efficient if it is being blocked every 2 seconds. I’m just not sure how to go about doing so.

I will include a screenshot of some of the firewall rules. Please let me know what other information I should provide. Thank you for your time.

Here are some of the firewall rules.

Hi wojack356,

Thank you for reporting.
Could you please set the firewall to safemode and check again ?
Kindly let us know your feedback.