Firewall Log Filter

Replaced my existing standalone CFP3 (CIS with AV not installed) with new version 3.5.57173.439 x 32 fully installed. I am running XPPro SP2. Firewall log filter does not work. Combined log OK. Blocked filter works but displays the wrong icon against some of the events until you left click whereupon icon changes to the correct one for the application. “Allowed” log does not work at all and continues to show the standard display.

Actually more Filters doesn’t work in Log Viewer. I was going to report them but I didn’t have time to test them all. For now I noticed that also filtering by protocol doesn’t work for TCP, UDP, IGMP protocols, filtering by Destination IP doesn’t work for broadcast address ( For Defense+, filtering by Action doesn’t work for Change Defense+ Mode, Create Process, Execute image.