Firewall is getting bypassed :(

I have Avira premium and Comodo but with the AV disabled, it has never performed that well for me. Everything has to connect to an upstream squid proxy server to get on the internet in our network.

I noticed in Comodo that Avira’s web guard was making an awful lot of connections, turns out any app on my computer that wants to get online is simply bypassing the application rules set in Comodo firewall and somehow Comondo thinks they are all really just Avira web guard as is letting them threw.

I did a test by installing an application, not configuring it for the proxy, then running the app’s update, sure enough comodo showed a few web guard connections go out and the product updated.

Please help!

As long as Avira web guard intercepts all “internet” request’s that will show up in CIS.
There is no other solution for CIS to intercept per application if such a interception is present.

:cry: I was scared I would get an answer like that. Question, now maybe this is a dumb idea, I am sort of a noob, but is there a way to use Defense+ so Avira can only get intercepts from programs I choose like firefox so that way I can still use its web AV scanning but not have other programs bypass my per application firewall rules??

I think that should be possible but it would need some tweaking on the “Default” D+ settings, and as i don’t have Avira Premium i can’t assist in this… :frowning:

maybe you should enable the alerts for loopback traffic, cause this is normally happen with a proxy on your computer, maybe it helps to intercept each program to access the avira proxy on your machine. Just try it, and if it helps, tell it.