Firewall is deactivated.

Hi, I have no idea what I am doing here…so if this is in the wrong place, please forgive me.
I have been using COMODO Firewall Pro for a very long time. My subscription is Lifetime and my License Type is FULL. I had a program start to download which gave the impression it was from Microsoft and so I allowed it. Then the darn thing claimed I had a lot of virsus infections. Twenty two to be exact. I did a search for the virsus’ they named and they did not exist.
But, the biggest problem is it wiped out the capabilities of my firewall. I was told through an alert that I had to download and reinstall the firewall. One, I do not have the security information I will need to do that. Can anyone send me a link that will allow me to download without the required information? I just don’t know what else to do.
I can be sent the information to my email
Thanks so much

Hi Lillie,

Welcome to the forum.

1) COMODO Firewall Pro is free for life full product in the first place;

2) The only difference can be that you have “Life Support” - in this case that is payed version but the capabilities and functions of the firewall are the same;

3) Please provide more detailed information about the system you are running (OS, Service Pack’ platform (x86 or x64); other security you are using.

4) What version of Comodo Firewall (rather CIS even you used firewall only) was (is ) installed?


I was told through an alert that I had to download and reinstall the firewall
have you saved (remember) the precise message?
What was program’s name that started download (what?) Can you be more clear about such information?

6) Did you have any Alerts displayed by the Defense+ (if that one was active)?
If so, what was the alert and how did you respond (well most likely you “allowed” … but how can we know)?

7) What Levels of Security were set for Firewall/ Defense+ and what was the Configuration Mode (Internet / Proactive, or…) ?;

8 ) Then, more detailed information about what you were downloading is very important because the claim that as a result

… it wiped out the capabilities of my firewall…
is quite serious and developers ( and not only them) would be more than interested and concerned

The link for downloading CIS current Package , if that’s what you are asking for
is at the beginning of this announcement thread (depending on platform):

My regards

Was that a genuine MS product?
What was the name of program?
It looks like ‘Rogue Antivirus’.
Would you tell us more details?

Currently, COMODO free Internet Security link is wrong.
COMODO need to fix it.

:-\Hi Sorry I was not here. My daughter in law died and her funeral was today. Was too busy to log in.
I had to restore my system to get rid of Windows System Suite. One must be more alert to downloads. I thought, wrongly so, that it was a Windows update. It totally took over my computer and would not allow me to uninstall it. It blocked my firewall and my antivirus.
Thanks so much for trying to help.

Hi Lillie,

First please accept my (rather our) sincere condolences.
Computers are a big part of our lives but sure not the the major one.

Thanks for answering my question (#5) about what was the name of downloaded stuff.

Well we should have a look. Honestly, I did hear about the thing (“Windows System Suite”) briefly but I have to do some deeper research.

I think the developers will do as well since as you said CIS was in place and such thing still got through and “blocked … firewall and … antivirus”

Well I hope all will settle down in your life and probably you will be able to provide a bit more info later about your system setup as was requested.

My kind regards

You can use Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware to remove Windows System Suite:

Thank you so much for your kind words. I prolly shouldn’t have posted that and I am sorry.
I will get you all of the information you asked for as soon as I can.
Be aware, they also sent me, at my request, an unistall program…and it did not work either. I think, personally, it is a scam of some sort. I am not saying it is, but, it could be.
Thanks again


I am sorry for your recent family distress.

I regret that I may have further bad news :-

You were infected by malware, after which the originators gave you an “uninstaller”.
They may have attempted to remedy your problems because they felt guilty,
or because they enjoy raising and then dashing your hopes.

BUT ALTERNATIVELY to maximise the possibility of evading anti-malware protection,
the original download may have omitted the killer payload, and merely crippled your protection,
and then with crippled protection when you tried the “uninstaller” you could have actually installed the payload,
e.g. Collection of data for Identity Fraud and bank / credit card account numbers and passwords etc etc, plus a phone home mechanism to give it to the bad guys.

I believe Windows System Suite may install a root-kit.
If you restored your system by using System Restore to go back to an earlier date, any root-kit probably survived.
Some root-kits can lurk in firmware and survive a HDD format and re-installation of Windows.

Please note that my skill set includes anticipating and avoiding disaster, and was very good 40 years ago, and has been greatly improved and exercised since getting a computer with a Microsoft operating system ! !

But I have no particular knowledge of malware or its removal.
My last experience was 20 years ago - Often before I got home from work my son installed another game he copied at college, and every weekend I got a clean start by re-installing DOS from a 5.25" floppy disc.

I may be over reacting but were I you I would :-
Post details for advice in
Use a different non-compromised computer (e.g. at the local bank/building society) for any on-line banking until I knew my own P.C. was clean.
Pay close attention to any bank and credit card transactions and balances, and change all passwords.
Consider a free trial with a reference agency such as Experian.
(n.b. If you get a new credit card, some of them will give you free access to reference agencies and assist with fraud protection - and you can also cancel your existing potentially compromised cards).