firewall install not working

hello i am trying to install comodo firewall but it is saying there is an older version,i did have comodo firewall installed before but removed it to try zone,i did not like zone so i am coming back to comodo,i have done a search and found no trace of any comodo files so any ideas how to install the firewall please?
thank you.

Hi geordie_john

I imagine your having these problems because previous installations of either ZA or CFP (perhaps both) have not been removed completely. I suggest you might want to read the following instructions, before trying to install CFP again:


Manual uninstall



And if it’s not mentioned, be sure to clean out the registry of junk/leftover entries. I personally like to use RegSeeker for such a task; it’s quick, easy, and hands-off (and by default is set to create a backup before deletion, just in case…).


i am sorry but this is all above my there just one thing to type in and all done?

One thing to type? I’m afraid not; it would be nice if there were, but that’s not computers… :cry: I understand your confusion, and wanting it to be as simple as possible. Chances are, there is some little “bits and pieces” left in the Windows Registry, after the uninstall of one or both firewalls that are at the core of this.

That said, let’s try just cleaning the registry first. Assuming that you don’t want to do so manually, you can use a free application like RegSeeker (available here Download RegSeeker - MajorGeeks) or ccleaner (Download CCleaner Slim - MajorGeeks). I have used both; ccleaner may be a little easier, but (IMO) less thorough. Either one will install without the need to reboot. You will simply want to clean the registry being sure to have it create a backup.

In ccleaner, click on the blue registry icon (looks like a bunch of little boxes put together, labeled “Issues”), then select “Scan for Issues.” It will prompt for backup creation, say yes. it will prompt for each item to be “fixed;” you may select Yes to All. Reboot when finished.

For RegSeeker, select “Clean the registry” (dustpan icon). Make sure the box in lower left corner “Backup before deletion” is checked, and click “Autoclean,” then “Go!” Wait till it’s finished, then reboot.

You don’t need to do both; just select one to use. I have provided a link to MajorGeeks as a download source, as they are very dedicated and thorough; they make sure that anything they post is clean and legit.

Once you’ve cleaned the registry, you can try a reinstall. Be sure to turn off/disable/deactivate any active security software (like antivirus, antispyware, HIPS, etc) as these frequently cause complications, especially to the installation of other security software. Once the install and reboot complete, you can turn them back on (although they may do so automatically after the reboot).