Firewall icon

Recently I noticed the firewall icon now has a red circle with a line through it in the icon tray. Can someone tell me what this means and if it is a problem, how to resolve it? I don’t know exactly when it started or what, if any, changes were made prior to this.

It’s known and will be fixed in a future update, Like the next CIS beta which might be out next week. :slight_smile:

A reinstall should fix the problem anyhow. And do you have more then one user account on your PC?


A reinstall does NOT fix this problem - I wish people wouldn’t keep recommending that as a cure, as I went through several reinstalls totally unecessarily until I worked out for myself what was causing the icon to change (the icon changes to a red circle when a new Windows profile is opened).

For whatever reason, it is no longer an issue. Perhaps it was because of the multiple reboots of my computer, I don’t know.

Appreciate the help.