firewall.I think

I had to delete c firewall after update of seamonkey 1.1.14 could not get email server -refused connection. many other sm users have same problems (googled) I do not know if they use comodo or not. I wiped a drive and set up xp and then sea monkey and all ran fine. installed comodo after s m and no problem. wiped out disk reloaded xp and comodo then seamonkey again , server refused connection. so now I am back to s m and then comodo. another problem I have with firewall? I use multidrives and get many new network connection , name this etc tried do not detect new networks and that killed my connection to internet completely. so now I do nou use comodo firewall. I agree with others about the multi times it asks for permissions. even though the remember my answer is checked it does not seem to remember and asks same q over and over again.-

Hello. Is there anything in your logs?
Comodo → Firewall → Events

What happens when you make Seamonkey Trusted Program when the firewall alert shows up?