Firewall For Mac

Hey just wanted to say you guys have created an awesome firewall for windows and amazing security products to go along with it.
Do you have any plans to create a firewall for Mac OSX in the future though? I think the apple community would benefit so much from a firewall created by comodo. Even if it costs money I would gladly purchase a firewall from you guys! It’s about time a good fully functional firewall was released for OSX.

I second this 100%! I’ve watched Comodo for years – ever since ZoneAlarm went a-courtin’, sold out and got fat and annoying. I went looking for something better and found Comodo Firewall. Now that Comodo has developed a full stable of mature, effective security tools for Windows, I’d like to see them do the same for MacOS and other *nix derivatives.

I agree, a firewall for OSX would be awesome!

me too. i want comodo for mac os very much and hope it will be done soon.

I agree … that will be perfect :-TU

hi together,

my wish would be a pretty good firewall for Ubuntu, ubuntu-based systems like LinuxMint, Trisquel, elementaryOS and other ubuntu-based OSs. :slight_smile:

What about this??

Please don’t cross post or hijack another topic. This topic is about a firewall for the Mac platform.