Firewall Events

My firewall events log contains only the blocked action.
Is it a normal behaviour ?
Whan I read the help files, I see print screen with blocked, allowed and asked actions …

Hi Pieteke.

If you refer to the blocked " Windows Operating System ", yes, they are normal. It all depends how you got your rules to log the blocks or not. Read this by .FaZio93 and pay extra attention where he says “here”.

Hope it helps.

Your ‘link’ is not working as a link.

Thank you John. I was sure I wrote the address to .FaZio93´post; However, the “here” is not a link, I just wrote in blue to make it to stand out. :THNK As a rule I do not like to click on something that I do not know where is going to take me, so I do not do it to others.

I edited the post and wrote the correct address. Thank you again.

Thanks for your feedback iroc9555