Firewall event?


how i have to understand this event?

Is it incoming or outgoing?

I think it’s outgoing but i got 1 blocked intrusion (in summary) since this event?

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What are your global rules? And if thats really your IP address you just showed all of us your IP. Be sure to cross out your IP before you post something. If you clicked on more you would have gotten more info.

my global rules are created with stealth port wizard (full stealth).

the destination ip is not my ip! the source, which is hide, is my real ip.

thats it, beacuse is thought it was an outgoing request, but the summary shows me a blocked intrusion. ???


Hi erty,

This address,the destination one is an IP from Paris France.

In this case the source is your computer and the destination is somewhere else.Did you get any alert for Firefox which you blocked.If you block a pop up it will show in the logs.
The logs dont just show blocked intrusions but also anything you may have stoped from connecting out.



i didn’t get any alert for firefox. The firefox rule is the predefined “webBrowser” rule.

this says that outgoing TCP requests were blocked, so it is ok, but why i can see in the summary this a a intrusion.
This was an outgoing request.

I thought intrusion = incoming? right?

When it says blocked it does not state from which direction it was blocked,just it was blocked.You have to look if your IP was the destination, it was an intrusion.If your IP is the source it was your computer which blocked it.

Confusing,i know,a few people have suggested alternatives.


ok thanks for your answer