Firewall driving me mad when opening new windows in IE 6

I have been using the firewall for a few weeks and so far have one major annoyance.Everytime I open another window in Internet Explorer the firewall keeps asking if I want to allow Internet Explorer to access the Internet.Is there a way of telling the programme YES on a permanent basis or am I doomed to eternal frustration. :frowning:

Hi there,

There should be an option at the bottem left of the Comodo screen saying “Remember my answer to this application” and check mark it. However for Internet Explorer, it should be automatically check mark by default since it did the same thing to mine.

Yes I know about the "Remember my answer"box,trouble is the programme doesn’t for anything other than the first window you open.Often there’s no box there as well so you have to plough through umpteen prompts.It’s doing my head in.Sygate and Zonelabs never gave me this hassle and my surfing habits haven’t changed.


Can you open the firewall and go to the security tab. Under tasks>>wizard can you select scan for known applications. This should automatically create rules for programs such as Internet Explorer. For any rules not created already you should receive a prompt for what you would like to do.

Also, if that didn’t work can you go to application monitor and for iexplore.exe right click and choose edit. Then make sure allow is selected for action.

If that doesn’t work can you delete the rule for iexplore.exe and open internet explorer. This should allow you to completeley re create the rule with the check box.

This may work it may not, hope it does.


Welcome radioman2 to the forums.
My appl.control rule for IE is:Apply the following criteria (TICKED)
General tab:action>allow
Protocol:TCP or UDP
RemoteIP & Remote Port tabs (any)
Misc. tab (nothing ticked)
This rule works well with me.Hope this helps, tim
This same rule also works well with the opera browser.

Interesting.I had run the scan for programmes tool previously but I ran it just now and it’s looking like it’s behaving as I would expect.Owing to the way I surf I often have multiple I.E windows open,streaming audio from a Web based radio station involves Winamp,then there’s a Yahoo discussion Group in another and so it goes on…
Hopefully this means that the Firewall is running properly.
Historically I’ve never had problems with Firewalls and they all seem to pass the assorted tests that are available with no open ports,I used to use the Sygate freebie but then Symantec bought them out .The biggest challenge is ensuring programmes like Skype and Abacast don’t act in a manner likely to scupper your security.

Once again thanks.

Hello, since you’ve added more info in your last post, it seems that maybe a new parent is being injected into IE.Basicly the firewall is doing its job.But if these are trustworthy apps,wouldn’t you create a rule for each of them?

I spoke too soon.I’ve just been trying to do something really simple,listen to music samples before buying some CDs on Amazon.This uses Real Player to play a 30 second clip,every track I wanted to sample led to at least 8 alerts/windows that needed actioning before I could listen to any of them.
To say this is frustrating would be an understatement.I feel an uninstall coming on…unless this gets sorted otherwise I’ll get RSI simply trying to do what I could do with previous Firewalls without hassle.


What types of popups do you see? You need to answer the popups correctly. If it is asking you for “Unknown Components”, you need to click on “Show Libraries” button and press “Apply” first. Or you can set Component Monitor to “Learning Mode”.
What does CPF ask?

The firewall was in learning mode and ALL the pop-up windows were answered correctly,that includes the messages about the libraries.Sadly when I fired up the P.C this morning and went to access the WWW the Firewall seems to have forgotten everything I taught it yesterday and it even blocked access to my Yahoo Groups and then it wouldn’t allow me to go to any other page.Sadly I was forced to uninstall the Comodo Firewall as I only have a limited amount of hours in my day,I don’t want to spend hours engaged in a tug of war with a software package that hell-bent on behaving like this.Unless/Until these sort of bugs are fixed I’ve reverted to Zonelabs I’m afraid. >:(

I wanted to add my two cents here as I’m also experiencing this same behavior from Comodo Personal Firewall. However, I think I can safely say that after implementing the suggestions I’ve read here that I think I have it under control.

I’ve only had CPF installed for a couple of days and it literally drove me and my family crazy having to click Allow all the time even after having checked the box telling it to remember my actions. It never did.

Then I read the comment about clicking “Show Libraries” and surprisingly the button selected was defaulting to “Ask”. I selected “Allow” instead and the pop-ups seem to have gone away.

I also had it scan my applications. Not sure if that helped or not because of all the pop-ups I was getting. Unless I’m doing something wrong or forgot to configure something, perhaps the “Remember my actions” button needs to be looked at to ensure it truly does remember. Please let me know if I’m misunderstanding something.

I’m still in evaluation mode, and this fix definitely helped raise my comfort level, but so far I like your product and the support provided here. I read some of the messages here before deciding on which firewall I should choose. Seeing the attention you gave it had a strong influence on my decision to give CPF a try. :slight_smile: