Firewall Driver[RESOLVED]

Vista Ultimate
Comodo Personal Firewall Pro v. 3.13.121240.574
Linksys WRT610N dual band router - NAT enabled and SPI Firewall enabled - connected wirelessly to laptop.

Until recently I have always had the following Comodo driver selected: Wireless connection status/Properties/This connection uses the following items: COMODO internet security firewall driver. I recently bought a wireless printer (HP Photosmart Premium C309a). After 2 hours on the phone with HP support it was concluded that the printer will not print with this driver selected. The problem was not with the printer becasue it prints wirelessly from 2 other wirelessly connecrted laptops that use a different firewall (Online Armor). I opened all the necessary ports and allowed all the necessary progams advised in the printer manual, without success. It will print with the driver deselected, and it does not SEEM to make any difference to the operation of the firewall - the summary status in the GUI still says “All systems active and running”, and running diagnostics shows no problems with the installation. Problems with the driver have been raised in the forums before. They seem to be unresolved, although I am not technical enough to understand all the posts.

Is there any was I can keep the driver selected and configure Comodo to allow printing? How much does the deselection of the drive matter?

Can you show us screenshots of your Global Rules (Firewall → Advanced → Computer Security) and from under View Firewall Alerts (Firewall → Common Tasks) of around the time you try to print something? That may help to narrow down the problem.

STRANGELY - I had to reinstall Comodo for another purpose - after losing all my pre-defined policies - and the printer now works with the driver selected in connection properties, and without having to configure all the ports required by the HP manual.

Thanks for the help, anyway.