Firewall dont start alone


I updated yesterday with new firewall version (6.1). With old version (6.0), I had no internet access.
This problem is solved.
But, when I start the computer (win7 64), the comodo firewall dont start!
I have no comodo icon in the taskbar, and internet dont run.
But, when I clik on the comodo firewall systray icon (in the windows desktop), internet is back and comodo icon appear in the taskbar.
In the windows services, I see 2 comodo related:

  • comodo internet security helper service: started, automatic
  • comodo virtual service manager: manual
    Should I put the second service in “automatic” too?
    How to have comodo starting with windows?


Comodo-should be in the startup.

Start —> All Programs ----> Automatic ----> Click the right mouse button → In the pop-up menu ----> Open and in this window put icon Comodo.

Reboot the system.

Actually when you install Comodo, he must be in the startup. ???

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How did you install 6.1? Did you install on top of 6.0? Or did you uninstall 6.0, reboot and then run the installer of 6.1?

First, I installed over 6.0. here was the problem.
Second, I unsinstall 6.0, then installed 6.1: Ok.
The comodo icon appear in the taskbar.