Firewall doesn't work


I just installed Comodo Firewall 5.3 on my PC, with Windows 7 64 bit. When I restart after installation, tells me that the firewall does not work correctly. I run the diagnostic, it tells me that there are problems with the installation, I click to repair, it tells me can not fix it and, in the xml diagnostic file, all I see is:

  • <Com Status = “OK” Module = “C: \ Program Files \ Comodo \ Comodo Internet Security \ cavshell.dll” / >

I have tried, as I read somewhere to delete the temporary files and restart, but it doesn’t fix it. I uninstall Comodo and reinstalled as administrator, but nothing.

Any idea how to fix this problem?



PS: xml diagnostic attached.

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Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums!

Could you tell use what other security software you have besides CF?

When you reinstall CIS I suggest you use CIS clean up tool in safe mode as admin.

Valentin N

Hi Valentin,

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve installed Trend Micro IS 2011, but I’ve disabled it before installing Comodo. Anyway, theoretically Trend micro Firewall is an implementation of Windows Firewall, so if I disable the second one, it shouldn’t interfere, should it?. Even so, I guess it’s possible that Trend Micro blocks Comodo in any other way, isn’t it?

Would be better unistall Trend Micro, even if it’s disabled?

I’ve also Widows Defender (disabled as service) and Windows Firewall (symply disabled from control panel).

Thanks in advanced.


By the way, I’ will try to unistall Comodo with Clean-up utility.

Hi there. Did you realise there is a 32 bit and a 64 bit installer? Sorry if you knew this already. Kind regards.

Dont be sorry! Yes, I did. I’ve W7 x64 and I’ve installed Comodo Firewall 64 bits.

Thanks for your reply!

Ok. Thankyou and good luck with a solution.

In this case you will need to uninstall Trend; disabling the firewall is not enough. So you need to chose what you want to have installed.

Valentin N

Ok. I’ll do it!

Thanks a lot for your help!

I just want to clarify to you why disabling is not enough. If I am not mistaking conflicts between comodo firewall and trend’s firewall will appear at hardware level which can only be solved by uninstalling one of the software.

I suggest you download trend’s removal by clicking here to ensure that no conflicts can happen and that no remains are left over from tend.

Valentin N

I’d add comodo failwall doesn’t work with AVG free installed, same sequence of events, same 64 bit installer + 64bit win7

Install → message about ‘firewall not functioning properly’ →
run diagnostics->diagnostics utility can’t fix

However, messages about joining facebook and other trivia still appear from comodos tray, so all is not lost, I can get nice flashing popup mesages but the firewall doesn’t work as a firewall.

This is the first ever firewall app I’ve ever tried that couldn’t even install properly (this is on a fresh win7 install I’m referring to past installs on other pcs), doesn’t inspire confidence in the programmers.

try with avast instead.

Valentin N