Firewall & defense+ do not remember various AVG executables

CFP firewall does not remember the program avgemc.exe (I think it’s the email scanning component of AVG). It is set as a trusted applicaiton, but CFP alert says it “does not recognize” the exe.

Same probelm with the Defense+ alert for two other AVG exes that appear during the AVG update procedure. No matter whether I tell it that these exes are “trusted” or “installer / updater” (and, of course, remember my answer is checked) – CFP keeps on alerting me.

These problems did NOT occur with version 2 of CFP, which I was running until a couple of days ago, when CFP alerted me to the availability of version 3.

Posted the same problem elsewhere, but solutions don’t pop up as fast as those pops from Comodo3. So I put safety down to the minimum to allow AVG to update. I don’t think this is the way it should work?
Same probs with my mailbox (Outlook Express), my provider can’t get through. This is not a very joyfull upgrade so far.