Firewall/Defense+ alerts question

When I’m not at the computer, occasionally a Firewall or Defense+ alert that pops up on my desktop (while I’m AFK). When those alerts go away automatically after the set time, are the alerts automatically allowed or denied?


Hi Mike

Each CIS component (Firewall, Defense+ & AV) has its own setting to set the amount of time (in seconds) that an alert is displayed on the screen for. See Scanner Settings (AV), Firewall Behavior Settings and Defense+ Settings.

The default action on an unanswered alert is always to block/deny. However, in some cases the system/application itself will time-out (and effectively block/deny the operation in question) before CIS has a chance to perform the block. This is more likely for Firewall alerts due to the nature of Internet connections and it is also equally likely that Internet operations will also continue to retry after each time-out. But, the net result will still be the same: The operation will be blocked/denied.

I hope that helps.