Firewall crash repeatedly, any tips? And how to read dmp file?

Hello, I’m experiencing repeating firewall crash. It started two days ago and it happens about every 1…3 hours.

I get the “Firewall has detected a crash!” notification, with “Please tell Comodo about this problem.” so I press the “Send Report” button. I also tried to view the dmp file that’s send to Comodo but I couldn’t open it. How do I open that file to see what’s inside it? The dmp file location is C:\ProgramData\Comodo\CisDumps

Oh and I see the dmp file was created (and modified) yesterday, so is it sending the same dmp over and over again?

About the crashing, do you have any suggestions what to do about it?

I have a Windows 10 system and I’m using the free version of Comodo Firewall, in “custom ruleset” mode. Comodo Internet Security is the file version.

Get Windbg from the Microsoft store then open the crash dump, then enter the !analyze -v command. As for crashing they are just going to ask you to either re-install or try with the new beta version. It’s possible that it only crashed once and it didn’t delete the dump file after sending, you can try moving the crash dump to a different file location and check for any more crashes.

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Hi reptilefive,

Thank you for reporting.
Are you using any other security software other than CFW ?


Oops, sorry that I reply so late. No, I’m not using any other security software. Except Windows Defender antivirus + firewall.

About my original post: on the third day I deleted the dump file, as tipped by DecimaTech and it actually helped right away. Thanks! :+1: