Firewall configuration for Camfrog


does anybody use camfrog or similar programme & have any issues with the firewall blocking it ? I stream music as a virtual dj in a room on camfrog & I have defined this as a trusted programme but, i keep being disconnected & wondered if it is something i need to configure, something I’ve done wrong or if the two (comodo firewall & camfrog) don’t work together, which I think would be highly unlikely or If it’s blocking for my protection ?

I’m using avast home free, vista home prem 32bit on a dell studio hybrid & set up my firewall using kyle’s guide here

Having now researched my studio hybrid I’ve found the wireless card supplied doesn’t have a great rep at all but, I’ve managed to adjust the router settings so it’s a stronger signal (85%) but, I’ve just ordered a cat6 shielded ethernet cable to hard wire it as soon as it arrives to try help. i wanted to be wire free upstairs but, it doesn’t seem i can & dj too.

I’m asking the question about firewall because I wanted more protection & so installed the comodo recently but, all was streaming well before with windows firewall.

In Anticipation of your help, many thanks.

Try disabling all but “Block Fragmented IP diagrams” under Firewall → Advanced → Attack Detection Settings → Miscellaneous and see if that helps.

When that doesn’t help show us a screenshot of your Global Rules (Firewall → Advanced Network Security Policy) and Firewall logs (Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall events).

Does this program need one or more ports open for incoming traffic?

Thanks for reply Eric, will try that first