Firewall bug for "hot plugged" devices

Firewall rules not applies straightway for file groups if rule contains path to folder at “hot plugged” HDD or at truecrypt volume. Every time when I plug my sata hdd I need to open firewall interface, click - firewall tasks - advanced settings and press OK button. After this comodo discovers my hdd and rules works. Is any way to fix it? May be is any cmd line command for reload config?

This is not a bug, rather by design.
Anything hot-swappable is potentially unsafe. This holds true with ram sticks also. They are not permanently attached to your system, and as far as CIS is concerned, could come from anywhere or anyone, carrying any number of potential viruses with it.

So when I refreshing config I destroy my protection? ;D I have rule Allow connections from H:/ and this rule not works. Is it my choice to decide what I want to allow? I’m not a beginner, and I realize that I want to do. How i can refresh config without GUI?

As stated, it is by design. All removable storage media is not trusted by default. You may trust it for a session, but will have to trust it again the next time.
This is very unlikely to change due to potential security risks it introduces to a system.

Lets discuss this. Autorun virises can be stoped by HIPS but not by firewall. IF u allow autorun to execute Its can copy exe’s in any location. So realy no need special protection. And what about “forgeting” unplug my hdd? I reboot and have not your “protection”. Is it right firewall rules dependents of time i plug my hdd (before turning on PC or after)? I tell u its discomfort to work so way. I choosed comodo firewall due possibility creation rules for folder. But rules dont works. Thank u for your support! :-TD :-\