Firewall blocks wrong process, urgent.

Some of my applications suddenly lost access to the internet. A look at the summary panel revealed that those processes are not properly detected any more, including Firefox. Where there was an application name before, it now says “Windows Operating System” which I have blocked in policies to access the internet.

A reboot only helped partially, some applications were recognized but others are still blocked as “Windows Operating System”. What’s going on? I’ve never had this problem with any version of CF before. I’m on 5.3.181415.1237 now. The only solution right now is to turn off the firewall which is not very nice.


add FF as web browser in application rules (CIS → firewall → Network Security Policy) and see if that helps.

Valentin N

Thanks, but maybe I didn’t make myself clear. I have existing rules for all applications, but CF does not recognize the processes and so does not apply those rules.

I actually deleted the rules for “Windows Operating System” just now and created a single new one “Ask for everything” - but that rule doesn’t kick in either and connections just continue to be blocked as process “Windows Operating System”.

try to put it in training mode for a few min and see if that helps.

Valentin N

I was able to solve the problem by activating one of the basic configurations, i.e. “Comodo Firewall Security” and then re-activating my own custom configuration.
That kind of glitch does not speak well of the application as a whole, though.


Are you sure you haven’t got a troyan which is playing with your computer?