firewall blocks everything, just uninstall helps


Installed Comodo fw a few days ago, since then, I can’t get it working. Here’s my experience:

  1. Installation, goes ok.
  2. Restart, Comodo is learning fine
  3. Disconnect, then reconnect to internet or changing the firewall level, or just another restart results in firewall blocking everything.
  4. Uninstall Comodo, goto step 1, just the same iteration… :frowning:

I use Vista ultimate, and no other third party firewall or antivirus installed.
When Comodo blocks everything, I mean I can’t browse, listen to online radio, or play online games, however, ping works to internet servers (so dns resolving) but only up to about 1kbytes of data size.

No, the problem is not in the firewall rules: even if I set the firewall level to disabled, just no effect on anything: still can’t use net. Just like all the firewall settings have no impact on the filtering.
And the best thing, after a few restart, or a few change of the firewall level, the internet is back… Another restart, or changing the firewall to e.g. disabled state => blocking again…

The defense+ part of the product working perfect. Actually, I would be fine if I could disable the firewall (and use some other), but I need the defense+ (like it very much). But how can I disable packet filtering?

Or more importantly what could be the reason for blocking everything even in disabled state?

Thanks for advices!

Hi, cester, and welcome to the forum. We’ll do our best to help you get your issue resolved.

First, which version of CFP have you installed? Second, how are you uninstalling it?

Third, what (if any) other security software do you have running on your system?

My initial assessment is that perhaps your TCP/IP stack or WinSock may have become corrupted somehow. Just a guess, based on the information you have furnished thus far.