Firewall blocks access to wireless printer

I have an HP Officejet and I am trying to print usiing the wireless network. It only prints if I disable the firewall. I do not know how to configure the rules to allow the printer access.
Very new at this . Can anyone help.

Can you show us a screenshot of the Firewall logs of around the time you are trying to print? They are under View Firewall Events.

Thanks . Have attached firewall events when I try to print. Virginia

[attachment deleted by admin]

I assume the file asc.exe belongs to your printer. Is that correct?

Try giving asc.exe the Outgoing Only policy in Network Security Policy → Application Rules. After you made the rule look in Application Rules for a rule called “All Applications”. When you have that rule drag and drop the rule for asc.exe to a place somewhere above the “All Applications” rule.

Now try again. If the connection still fails check the logs again for other traffic generated by asc.exe and post a screenshot of that.

I’m having the same problem but in the log file, it shows the blocked application as “Windows Operating System.” Please see attached image. How can I create a rule to allow “Windows Operating System”?

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When CIS logs Windows Operating System it means it cannot see what process is listening (in case of incoming traffic) or what process is sending (in case of outgoing traffic).

What devices have the IP addresses and

In this instance you don’t need to create a rule but you need to disable “Block fragmented IP traffic” under firewall advanced settings.

Disabling “Block fragmented IP traffic” resolved the problem. Thank you!

FYI: is my PC and is my printer.