firewall blocking system monitor?

I have installed the latest version of Comodo Firewall Pro. It appears to be messing with my system monitor widget (Yahoo widget: sys monitor) which monitors CPU usage for both cores, memory usage, and LAN activity. It is still accurately giving memory usage info, but my CPU usage shows up as zero (and doesn’t show both cores) and it can’t find my LAN to give any activity info. A file associated with this widget will show up “waiting for review” on startup and when I close the widget and reopen it. I always say to add it to my safe files, but to no avail. Any ideas?

Add yahoo widget and all other widgets into the firewall settings and D+ settings as Trusted. You can also use training mode.

I’ve tried to add everything tied to this widget and the widget engine itself to the trusted lists and still no go. I did try a couple different system monitoring widgets and they were able to give CPU usage info, but they didn’t work for both cores. So its something between this particular widget and the firewall. I also tried to put both Defense+ and the firewall into training mode with no results.

I wouldn’t be opposed to using a different widget or program for system monitoring if it gave me the same info while looking and behaving similarly.

Remove all entires of widgets in firewall and D+ then reboot leaving Comodo in training mode. See if that works.

No files ended up waiting for my review, but still no CPU usage data, no LAN activity data, and something I didn’t notice before is that is also isn’t telling me my current uptime since a restart.

Just to make sure, to delete entries I went to Advanced for both the Firewall and D+, went to Security Policy for both, and removed entries associated with the Widgets and the Widget Engine. I also removed files from My Safe Files. Was there anything else I needed to do? I went through the whole series of popups telling me it was learning and all of them were connected to the Widgets and the Widget Engine.

That should be it. Is it working now?