Firewall Blocked Applications

Hello there, I have noticed a few applications/files are being listed regularly in Internet Security and wondered why these are being flagged?

I also want to know why they keep appearing in the list when I click on ‘Unblock for all security components’?

I wouldn’t have thought that Windows should be blocked, Roboform is a legitimate program and I don’t know about the other two.

Hi sheepdisease,

Could you please provide us the blocked files for further investigation.

Best regards,

Hello Vlad,

Thanks for replying. Not sure what you mean, the files are shown in the screenshot?

When the firewall reports it blocked Windows System Application in case of incoming traffic it means it doesn’t see a program listening to the traffic. Or in case of outgoing traffic it means the firewall cannot see what program is causing the outgoing traffic.

You will get more detailed information if you would check the Logs rather than the Unblock Applications log. In case of the firewall you would see what traffic is being blocked (ingoing or outgoing), which ports, IP addresses and protocols are involved (when applicable).