Firewall ask for permissions for all software all of a sudden

Don’t know what’s happened. Firewall ask for permissions for all programs all of a sudden, in safe mode. Even programs that I always use like Adobe reader and Utorrent. I didn’t change the settings nor update comodo. It just looks like comodo forgot everything in the past, rules or settings (but I checked the rules are still there). Can anyone tell me how to fix it?

you can check > dont show alerts > allow request firewall no longer ask for permission but is it safe ı dont know so you can just reinstall comodo or wait for more advanced users s recommendiations

Thanks for the reply. But that’s not going to solve the problem, and as you said that’s probably not safe.

Does the alerts say the applications are unrecognized? Check the file list to see if the ratings have been changed from trusted to unrecognized.