Firewall and Remote Desktop Assistance (RDA) in XP Pro


I have just been helping a friend sort out some email troubles via Remote Desktop Assistance (RDA) (both machines running XP Pro). I had two successful RDA sessions earlier in the day and the last thing I did was remotely install Comodo Firewall and Antivirus on his machine. After the full scan and reboot he needed to send me a new invitation file for a final RDA session which he did. However, I can no longer connect to the machine - RDA says the DNS name for the remote machine cannot be resolved. I tried having him temporarily set the Firewall Security Level to Disabled in the Firewall Behaviour Settings under Advanced Tasks and tried to connect but still no luck.

How would I get him to configure the firewall to allow RDA to work once more?


Hello please check our firewall logs\defense+\AV

Comodo → Firewall - > Events
Comodo → Defense+ → Events
Comodo → Antivirus → Events

Please report anything that is being blocked here…