Firewall and Launch Pad

I have installed Firewall v2.3.5.62 and Launch Pad v1.1.1.6 and for some reason the firewall is not integrating into the Launch Pad. The only program that is listed is the AntiVirus.

I installed the AntiVirus first, restarted, updated, restarted again. Then went on to install the firewall and restarted…

How do I get the Launch Pad to integrate the firewall into the programs?

Thank You…

This has been the case since the 2.3.4 release of Comodo Firewall. I’m not sure why it doesn’t show both but a number of people didn’t like LaunchPad and preferred separate Icons for Comodo products. Comodo Firewall is the first product with it’s own icon and when version 2 of Comodo Antiviruspyware comes out it’ll have it’s own icon as well. As far as I know this is a known issue and is being worked on.


I disabled Launch Pad anyway. It’s just the AntiVirus is integrated into Launch Pad and it doesn’t have its own icon as you said.

But if you are saying that the new version will have its own icon, I can wait.

Thanks for the update.