firewall and dns cache

For some reason after the update for the arp cache issue my connection takes like 5 minutes to resolve the dns cache and load my connection. Are other people having this issue also ?

can i get some help please ? ???

Hi sargdave,

I had like to help you, but really I don’t encounter this problem and reading other posts since the new release of CIS, you seem the only one to have it.

It could be a pure coincidence in timing and the problem may come from your ISP.

Did you change something in the rules of the FW?

Did you install secure DNS during the update? If yes have you flush your DNS?

Empty your browser cache, it could help.

Sorry to be of no more help.


Are you on a LAN? Because unless you are, and need MAC address resolution its pretty much superfulous. My PC is sitting behind a DSL modem, so I have ‘protect ARP cache’ and ‘block gratuitous ARP frames’ unchecked.

If you depend on ARP, then maybe this link will help?

Thanks for your feedback guys i guess its just me then. :-\

“takes like 5 minutes to resolve the dns cache” how are you establishing that fact?