Firewall and Avira Update Conflict

I have the latest version of Comodo firewall and the free version of Avira working with no problemos. Avira antivirus update said that a new version of Avira is available. When I try to update Avira, it says that it is in conflict with Comodo firewall and I have to uninstall firewall manually. Whats going on? What should I do? I don’t want to mess up my Windows 7 professional running PC.

Hi bakkam, welcome to the forums.

Based on other reports that we’ve had on this issue, it does appear that the latest version of Avira does report that it is incompatible with CIS (not sure if it’s just the Firewall component though) and requires that it is uninstalled before it can continue. Since this is an action of Avira I don’t think Comodo can do much about this, I don’t even know what the actual issue/incompatibility is or if Avira and Comodo have been discussing this. I recommend that you contact Avira about this issue.

I’d be grateful if you could post any feedback or new information back here. Thanks.

I will post if I find a solution. Like your quote about the problem.


There have been reports about Avira behaving that way. I just read this in DeLL Forum :

You might disregard the warnings and continue installation see what happens.


I will try this out. Thanks much. Cheers.

Also, a good thing to do in future is always create a system restore point before big updates like this to safe guard from an conflicts that may arise. Rememeber this is not the fault of Comodo directly, it’s a new version of Avira so they’re a part of this too.

Juzt thought I’d add my little bit of input, hope this helps and hope the problem you are having is resolved soon.


I tried installing and running the new avira without removing comodo firewall, after installing everything seemed to be running smoothly until I noticed that comodo firewall processor usage jumped up to 30-40%. And this was continuous usage when the system started running. Because of this my other applications experienced a major slowdown and I had to uninstall the firewall.