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Hi i wonderd if you could tell me how to allow on d:\ a firewall that lets people in to my web page but protects the c,e,f,g my winxpsp2 is on c:\ winxpbb2 d:\phpbbs e:\plus f:\ spare g:\ vista

Can you explain a little more about what you’re trying to accomplish?

You’re trying to share something (a web page?) on your D:\ drive, while protecting your system? More details will be helpful.



Hi ive just been hacked ,ive got my windows on c:\ but on d:\ ive got a news group phpbb2 and a few things that they want for poeple to come and see but no body can see it (ive just found out after 2weeks of no one coming) i need it to be unblocked ,do you need anymore just ask

To be honest, I’m not sure exactly what you would need to do, from a security standpoint, to be able to accomplish what you’re trying to do.

However, all is not lost… there are others here who will likely be able to help. I’ll dig around a little.


thanks i can wait

Hey Ron,

I’m pretty sure that CFP on its own won’t be able to do what you want. What you’re looking for is something that operates at the local PCs file system level, whereas firewalls operate in the data transmisson/reception level.

Ewen :slight_smile:

that would be would it im running my own pc as a host but it all comes out of the one server number

Last 5 digits in IP Removed to protect user.


I don’t think I completely understand what you are trying to acomplish, however I am guessing that you want your drive D:\ allowed to host web pages. I am not sure how you can do this using Comodo, and are you sure Comodo is actually blocking it? Try disabling Comodo and then try to access it, if it is Comodo I am not sure what you can do, maybe a more experienced user may be able to help you :-\

thanks justin1278 thats just what i want C:\ IS WINDOWS AND D:\ is my web page but they all come off the one service but at the moment D:\ is blocked and i want to release it

First of all you need to differentiate between file share and firewall access. Firewalls permits or denies access, while file shares states what is actually publicly accessible.
You first need to tell you firewall what to permit. From a source to a destination and on what port. This means you configure your firewall to accept inbound HTTP (TCP 80) from anywhere as source, to the IP address of your IIS service (or any other service running the webserver). This will tell you firewall to accept and server any inbound HTTP requests.
If you have configured file shares to be accessed through the webserver, you also need to set proper security rights on your computer. Otherwise you’re not just sharing your designated webfolder, but your other drives aswell. Carefully tune this as you might become a rootkit target.

So to sum it up:
Check your firewall logs and verify that you are in fact blocking inbound HTTP requests. Unless the fileshare is controlled through the webserver application, you need to be allowing this through the firewall. Don’t be afraid to start and stop services etc. to troubleshoot even further. I can’t recommend any “best practice” here, as I don’t host any webservers myself. You will have to feel your way around on this one.
Next verify that your fileshare settings are correct and proper access is granted. The Windows Event viewer tool is helpful here.