Firewall: "Add rules to bottom" option

Currently, new rules created in response to popups are added to the top of the list. This goes contrary to common sense and common practice with other firewalls, where the rules list is read top to bottom, with any wide-ranging/all application rules at the top. It also makes it very hard to keep the rules list tidy and I have to keep dragging rules down so that I can keep the more important ones at the top, which is tedious as they have to be dragged one by one and it’s a slow process waiting for the list to scroll to the position I want to put the rules in.

If there was an option “Add new rules to bottom of list” then much of this tedium could be avoided and my important rules would stay at the top with any new rules at the bottom, where I might only need to move them one or two places to keep them tidy. Anyone who actually likes the current operation for whatever reason could just not enable this option.

The applications rules list is read from top to bottom, so if you have “All Applications” at top then any applications below it will be ignored, only that one rule would ever be fired.

That’s what I want as my All Applications rules allows all traffic on the LAN, which I don’t need to filter.