Firewall Actualization

Estimated Sirs : The soft annouce from a new version actualization, after click to proceed, it start advicing from a 1% of completion and keep there unmoving from 3 o 4 hours, not go ahed more than this 1%. My OS is Win XP SP2 64 bits, my actual version of Comodo Firewall is 5.10.228257.2253. I can’t confirm but at shout down, the OS keep hold, till now I can’t check if this insatisfactory actulization it’s responsable for this.

Thanks in advance.

If the problem is still there and you want to update to 5.12 please do a clean installation of 5.12.

You can export your active configuration before uninstalling 5.10 and import it in 5.12.

It looks like your post was written with an online translator and I can see you are from a Spanish speaking country. If you are more comfortable using Spanish you can visit the Espanol / Spanish board.

[size=10pt]Thanks EricJH for your reply. It works[/size]