Firewall active connections monitoring

I don’t really understand how am I’m supposed to read this.

For example I’m using Comodo dragon with couple of extensions and 1 tab open (this page), so it’s fully loaded and nothing else happening. Now if I go to CIS>>Firewall>>View active connections, why do I see about 10 OUT connections sitting there under dragon.exe? I mean are those currently active or are those “recent” connections? Incoming and outgoing traffic numbers for those connections do not change, so I assume those are inactive (recent) connections? It’s a bit confusing. Are they all active, but don’t transfer anything right now?

You can see for yourself, close all tabs, exept current one, go to CIS>>Firewall>>View active connections and you should see a bunch of OUT (tcp and \ or UDP) connections under dragon.exe (or whatever browser you’re using) even though you aren’t loading a page.

In other words, please explain how to correctly “read” that list of (maybe) active connections.

P.S. Maybe in V6 it will be more clear what connections are “Active” (transfering) and what are “Recent” (not transfering).

Launch cmd.exe and type netstat -ano. You’ll see which connections are in close-wait, established or listening state.

To add to Boris. Do you have “Predict network actions to improve page load performance” enabled in Dragon? That will generate extra traffic.