Firewall 2.14 upgrade?

Currently running Comodo 2.14 firewall with no problems… does v3 or v4 offer better firewall protection? Other technical reasons to upgrade? Memory might be better handled (guessing)… anything else?

been so long I forgot the version… running

Welcome to the Forums, Znetmac.

Version 4.1 does indeed offer much better protection than your current version.
Please note you cannot upgrade your version to 4.1
You will have to uninstall, reboot, and do a clean install of v4.1

Memory and resources are handled much better.
Many new features and enhancements are contained within.

Click this link, and select
the version you prefer. Personally, I recommend “Comodo Internet Security for Windows”.
Select either the x32 or the x64 to match your operating system.