firewall 10 how to view unblocked apps list

How to view list of unblocked application?

it’s blocked apps list.
I want to see unblocked list.

That does not exist, the closest would be the application rules for the firewall and HIPS component, and auto-containment rules. Also as long as something is rated as trusted, it is ‘unblocked’ by CIS.

is rated as trusted done automatically? I didn’t allow browser to connect, comodo don’t even ask and browser works fine

Yes an application can be rated trusted automatically if it is digitally signed by a trusted vendor on trusted vendor list, if the application hash is on the whitelist during cloud lookup, etc. File rating process explained here: Unknown Files: The Scanning Processes, Containment Process | Comodo Internet Security

how to turn it off? I want to decide myself what application is trusted

Instead of turning off automatic file rating, you should set the firewall to custom ruleset mode.