Firewall-1 Authentication Agent 4.1 64bit download windows 7

I have got windows 7 installed 64bit
I have got Firewall-1 Authentication Agent 4.1 (Check point software technologies) which is 32bit, Need 64bit download.
Can some one help me out, I am new to this forum.

Thanks for your time and patience.
Kindly provide me download link to install it.

Hi dilipkumarcs, welcome to the forums.

AFAIK 4.1 is fairly old and I’m not certain that it ever was available on x64. But, it would probably be best to ask this on Check Point’s forums.

Can you please provide me the latest verison which would works fine for 64bit windows 7. Thanks for quick reply…

Do you mean for Check Point’s Authentication Agent?

Yes i need the download link of it…
Download of Firewall-1 Authentication Agent for 64bit windows 7

Then you should go to Check Point’s website. This is Comodo, you’ll not find any of their products here.

I didnt get the product or the forum website. Let me check in some community forums and see if i can get one… Thanks for your time…