Fireshot Pro no longer works with IceDragon

this has been ongoing for more than a year. Prior to the new engine… the Fireshot Pro PDF capture extension worked fine under both ID and FF… now it only works under FF… it appears as though Comodo blocked out part of the API coding that Fireshot requires… the issue is entirely on Comodo’s end. the app developer said something about how it’s not accepting direct call coding or something of that nature…

think you guys can fix this problem? Because if it works on Firefox then logically it should also work under comodo.

Hello, chthonic we are working on a new Release for CID, and it will solve this issue.Thank you for pointing this out

I went back to the Fireshot forum to get the original response from the developer and I am posting it here to make sure you are on track with what he thinks the issue might be.

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Thank you. It seems to have a problem with the Native Messaging protocol. I have no idea, whether Dragon supports it or not. The previous 52nd version was based on preceding engine, now it’s Quantum, so we had to rewrite FireShot completely to make it supported by Firefox.

It will take some time to find the cause of this issue.[/i][/b]

Thank you again for repporting this issue chthonic, the new version of the CID will be based on v68 of Mozilla, so this problem should be fixed, i will personaly test this extension to make shure it works as intended

any ETA on that new CID version?

No, nothing at the moment i’m sorry