I have been using COMODO (CIS) for a bit now no problems. I updated to CIS 4.1.150349.920.

  1. How about reading the current configurations when updating guys. What a pain in the ■■■ to have to retrain the software with all the popups.

  2. And this is my beef. If I open Firefox from the “Task Bar”, “Task Menu” or the “Programs” list in Windows 7 Ultimate x64, no problem. If I open it from a link in RocketDock, it goes in the Sandbox.

Firefox from both running process (starting from the Task Bar and RocketDock) have been entered into “My Protected Files” and “My Own Safe Files”.

It still does the same thing. There is no special command from RocketDock. It just puts out the same folder and program start info as the Task Bar links. But if it comes from RocketDock it gets Sandboxed.

If there is no answer for this, I will first disable the Sandbox, then replace COMODO. Firefox is number 1 in the food chain here.