Firefox xpi?


I was wondering if there is any way to get the xpi for privdog so that I can install it onto my portable firefox browser. I looked into my installed version of firefox and saw no prvdog xpi. Also can the privdog devs include the xpi in this folder C:\Program Files (x86)\AdTrustMedia\PrivDog ? I only see the two crx files for dragon and chrome but no xpi for firefox???

use this it will back them up and restore. you can also access the xpi’s individually. I haven’t used PrivDog, but this should work in theory. maybe ?

Look’s complicated… But I’ll try it thanks!

Actually it doesn’t seem to be complicated at all and now i got the Privdog xpi for firefox. But, I still think privdog should save a copy of it for you…

Hi guys :slight_smile:
Thank you for your question. You can find Privdog for FF

In case someone wants a fresh PrivDog as an XPI, I’ve just extracted one. August, 2014. Ver.
Get it here:]PrivDog Ver. Firefox XPI
MD5: A76E366FA897EFE7D642D62D11E50F11
SHA-1: 4A83630773DEDDFD656655C8652B7399588B146A

Proof I did it right:

I couldn’t find it anywhere. But now you can.

Savin1987, I added MD5 and SHA1 hashes to your download link.

I am now using neither Privdog nor Proxomitron. Adguard addon proved to be the easiest to use and blocks just fine. If you torture yourself with the Proxomitron, try this easy addon and forget the pain.

You can see it here as the green shield. Install the same and try it for yourself.

Hi Savin1987,
Your recommendation for Adguard in three separate topics now with very little relevance to each topic is suspiciously looking like spamming.
Please stay on topic.