Firefox & Thunderbird poll

I’m an avid firefox & thunderbird user and used I-vault which is fully integrated with internet explorer. I think many of us would like the same functionality with firefox & thunderbidr

Of course, we all want the same functionality with Thunderbird and Firefox, as with IE.
I was a while since i tried iVault, but i trust you when you say that it still doesn’t work so good with TB and FF.
You should have made the poll ask “what browser do you want iVault to support?”
IE is still the most used browser, by far, but i’m not sure that it’s the most used browser here among Comodo users, with the same big margin as with “common” internet users. They can of course check their statistics in and compare it against and generall internet statistics… but i still want FF & TB full support… ;D

Firefox & Thunderbird should be supported. Firefox is the second most used browser. The only reason why IE is the most used is cause it comes with the os. Other free programs support Firefox and so should i-Vault.

I’ve suggested this months ago.

And as I’ve said before, the only reason I don’t use I-Vault is because it doesn’t work with Firefox.

You have to be kidding me! I was in the process of downloading I-Vault and just canceled it when I found this post and discovered it’s lack of Firefox support… I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time that can be trusted, but now this! sigh…


lol… nm… here’s one that supports firefox and not IE… woot

FF support looks like a dead issue.

Thanx for the URL

Why is it a “dead issue?” I’d love to have a full range of Comodo to toot to the world. I was REALLY excited about the review comparing it favorably to Roboform (which I own) but then I found it it ONLY for IE. Ugh. No good to me now.

What a disappointment.
This program looked like it had real potential

OMG I hope not!!! I love COMODO Products (:LOV)
and FF / TB support would be so Awsome!!!*! (:KWL)

(L) (R) (S)

Yeah woohoo… Oh wait… This doesn’t support Credit card info or populate address fields or notes or Forum Fields like AIM# personal web site info uuuhhhhhhh… Plus you have to go to all of your websites and forums and change your password for this thing to work… Hmmm…

Oh yeah and it took me about 2 hours pouring through their website and forums just to figure out that it’s not even user friendly… and you have to be a programmer just to edit fields and such!!!

Sorry marinabarrett but I’ll just wait for COMODO to figure out FF and TB support for i-Vault :■■■■

I don’t think FF is a ‘dead’ issue. AFAIK, it’s not on the drawing board at this point, but I have confidence it will be. Probably the two biggest requests I think I’ve seen for IV are FF support, and document/file encryption (drag n’ drop, kind of like lockbox). Given Comodo’s past responsiveness to user feedback/requests, I have confidence they will address the FF issue; they’ve just got bigger fish on their plate right now.

There are other options out there. They’re not as good, IMO, but they exist. If you MUST have FF support, you can get it. Keep your fingers crossed and give Comodo some time. Don’t be hatin’… :slight_smile:


Firefox has attracted over 15% of the browser market. I expect it to grow as the product matures.

Of course I assumed that I-Vault would integrate flawlessly with FF. Oops! - bad assumption. Comodo made a major blunder releasing the product without this support; or at least not listing supported browsers.

My brief experience with I-Vault has not been particularly good. I expected an intelligent application (self-identifies password protected sites) and a seamless workflow (perhaps a pop-up suggesting to fill-in the password or add a new item to the vault). Instead, I found functionality reminicent of an early VB app.

Welcome to the forums, trahaearn (:WAV)

Aside from the obvious lack of FF integration, I’m not sure if we’re using the same application… :wink:

With default settings, i-Vault is set to do just what you’ve requested. Go to Tools/Preferences/IE Integration. It should be set to give you popups to create a card with login information, and when you click on the website link within i-Vault it should be set to automatically populate those fields.

The only exception to this that I’ve found is those websites that are cookie-dependent to identify your computer as trusted. Their form fields are apparently not the same as others with a straight login/password format, and iV seems unable to render those.