firefox proxy connect [Resolved]

afternoon folks. just tried dl firefox to try out. get this msg-proxy server is refusing connection-have no idea what this means. anything to do with cpf? have boclean-avira installed. msn explorer home page-verizon fios connection. can dl firefoxon desktop computer but not this laptop. any help appreciated. tks. frank.


Are you saying you are unable to complete the download of Firefox? Or that you cannot get it to run after installing?


little mac. finishes dl’ing. when finished and try to open then goes to firefox page and that particular msg pops up. heck, i don’t even know for sure what a proxy server is. any more info needed just ask and will try to provide. tks. frank.

A proxy server is a go-between from your browser to the internet. It can be local (applications such as proxomitron use the localhost address or remote (a web-based proxy service, or even a physical server on a network).

If you don’t know what a proxy is, you don’t have one. However, it looks like FF thinks there is. When you open FF, go to Tools/Options/Advanced/Network, and check the Connections Settings. Make sure it’s set for Direct Connection, rather than a Proxy; I’m guessing that it’s set for Proxy somehow. Don’t know how; I’ve never seen it do that, but there’s always a first…


morning lil mac. appears to have worked. playing with it now. tks. frank

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