Firefox problem[RESOLVED]

I have been using IE7 and had no problem connecting to websites. Recently, I switched to Firefox and everything was unchanged EXCEPT I can no longer connect to any Comodo websites. When I do I get a server not found message (see link for this forums URL). I have to connect by either temporarily setting Comodo’s security level to “Allow All,” which is an unacceptable way to go, or using IE7. I checked the applecation settings and there are eight entries of the type [Any]-[Any] TCP/UDP Allow. The settings appear to be OK. What else could be wrong? Why does this only happen with Comodo websites?

It would have been more helpfull with a screenshot of
your rules. From the one above it seems like you can’t connect to ANYTHING
with FireFox ?

As I said, I connected to everything except Comodo websites. So I don’t know where you got the idea that I don’t connect to anything. However, after contacting Comodo support, they tweaked something and now Firefox is connecting OK.

Hi , I will eventually mark resolved, but if you could remember\post what tweaks, this may help others as well. I will keep this unresolved for a few days or so and if no response, then i’ll close it. :slight_smile:


Thank to Paul. This behavior looks fine for a moderator. The basic purpose of forums is to share.


Hi aXes, you are right on, sharing is VERY important on the forum and can help a lot. :wink:

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I got that from the screen-shot you posted :
" Firefox can’t find the server at " .

You will have to ask support. I simply contacted them and they asked what OS, etc. I was using and a day or so later all was well.

Pay attention to what the user says is happening.

Colion, gordon was simply being helpful and I myself wondered the same about your screenshot as is NOT a working addy. Since you have solved your issue, I will mark this topic resolved and lock it for future readers.